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The following projects reflect a creative outtake on design solutions for different types of interior spaces and facilities focused around



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Business Growth

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Zen Café


This company provides high-quality products that offer a unique and pleasant experience, resulting in popular and social media recognition. Because this company strives to popularity, efficient awareness, and universal environment effectiveness are not always included in their promotion strategies. This is not reflected in their everyday business, but if you go to their official website you can see glimpses of sustainability as reflected on their slogans, “our planet is our most important partner”. The high-quality brand is a result of well-cared earth and ecosystem, with the goal is to preserve an atmosphere that is natural and relaxing.

The hub

Forsyth Park Wellness Center


The Hub is a recreational wellness center for closed range communities, which offers a wide range of resources. Some of the activities offered in the facility may include: interactive structures, sensory learning, craft-making activities, health and wellness lectures; and is a relaxing and refreshing space for networking or socializing. Our mission is to make wellness accessible to every member of our community. This program will be run and supervised by volunteers that will guide visitors’ trough the Hub experience.

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Learning ground  

Environmental & Agricultural Learning Center


Many schools around the island of Puerto Rico have lacked in-depth agriculture education. The island’s present $70 billion dollar debt crisis and the environmental effects that are happening locally, as well as worldwide, have turned into a serious rising crisis. Therefore, sponsors like ASHS (American Society for Horticulture Science) bringing in knowledge of agriculture can help improve not only Puerto Rico’s natural surroundings, but also its economy, for its future generations. Starting with urban elementary and high schools. This will provide an invitation to schools at close range in this urban sector, providing extra curriculum learning programs that will be taking place during class times for incoming schools field trips and after school hours.

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