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Hola! I'm Ashley Montalvo and I focus

on experiences through service strategy 

and digital development.


A little about me

I'm pursuing my Master's in Service Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

I gained my bachelor's degree in Interior Design from SCAD in 2017. After that, I wanted

to learn more about business and the link between people and environments, so I went back to school to study design methods and tools for an approach to services. As I'm about

to graduate, I can't help but wonder how to combine best my interests: design and business, especially by focusing on collaboration and innovation.

By creating a shift in my education with Service Design, I've learned essential disciplines

and processes that support possible design 'solutions' for innovation transformation that can modify values, experiences, and relationships. I believe change can modify behavior by positively impacting individuals, communities, and companies that welcome innovation and benefit from results that change can generate.

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