The following projects are dedicated around social innovation, information distribution focus through physical and digital interactions for an enhanced experience and business strategy advantage.














Creation, Exchange,


Business Management & Growth


Business Model Research & Metrics

Systemic Innovation Strategy

What is a museum of the 21st century? What does Atlanta have to offer?

Who is MODA? And what do these questions have to do with one another? 

By disrupting and reshaping MODA's current business strategy into a systemic innovation strategy, we believe that MODA could be the Future of Design Museums and the #1 Design Educator in Atlanta, Ga.

  Gulfstream x scadpro

User Experience Research & Service Proposed Strategy


What will life be in 2030? How will people interact with content?

How can we create a unified design theme to consume content

Gulfstream Aerospace X SCADPRO collaborative project allowed us to research, explore, and develop a proposal on visual information for future pilot users.


User Experience Research

Marketing Research & Brand Strategy


Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Why is it then that some people are really successful and some aren’t? Why is it that some people, even with limited financial resources, still make it big? We feel that everyone can achieve their dreams if they activate, manage, and prioritize certain aspects of their life properly; leading them to reach their full potential and success.


User Experience Research

Marketing Research & Brand Strategy


How to improve connections between services - airlines/airports Airport Arrival and connections? How to bridge a physical experience with our platform? How can travelers experience less travel stress with the right time delivered informationVindo is a platform that assists passengers on International Connections and Arrivals by providing real-time and context-based information, thus reducing stress, uncertainty, and disorientation

Chez panisse 

Case Study & Marketing Research

Service Iteration Strategy


This case study provides an emphasis on the restaurant Chez Panisse as a whole, owner and founder Alice Waters, her trustworthy team, and supporting external stakeholders. The company's whole ecosystem and “open innovation” strategy are what define the current status of the company that evolved from local to global in a short time frame.


System Value & Metrics
Product and Interface Development

42% of patients don't show up to their appointments, concerned themselves with negative connotations and perceptions before a visit to the doctors' office. The Healthcare System suffers the effects of No Shows, costing them 150 billion annually. How can we strategies a way to reduce the No Shows in schedule appointments and increase oral health awareness?

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