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College students struggle with mental health due to a lack of management and balance between their personal and busy college life.

As part of a collaborative project, we created LEAD. A mindfulness service that assists user's on how they manage their life through social awareness. In the case of students, now they will be able to find a balance between their school, work, and personal life for their growth as individuals and professionals with the outcome of them becoming leaders of the future.

Design Process
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As part of a group collaborative project, we established a project plan for the course of the project's longevity. This way we could follow every week's task plan and prioritize stages on the development of our end goal. 

Mind mapping

We started with exploring three main topics of interest that tapped into social innovation: Travel, Life Management and Immigration

These topics were some of the trends that we found within our research and containing potential for further selection.

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Market Analysis

As a group, we decided to study the 3 different markets using market research tools to find out the gaps in those respective markets which we would like to fill-in with our innovation development. We used tools such as 2x2 Matrix, SWOT, Porter's 5 Forces and stakeholders map. As a result, we concluded with furthering exploring the markets as a Product / Service related strategy based on identified innovation opportunity, competition gap, and accessible source of research and information.

SWOT Analysis

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Our Topic

Our selected topic was 'Mindfulness through social awareness' within the Life Management Market. Our reason behind our selection was due to its low competition market, opportunity gaps and low entry risk investment.


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Life Management

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Air Travel

The Problem

The Opportunity

Life management can be an applied tool adaptable to people around the world and be able to strategize their workload, social relationships and personal needs to provide the right focus for success in their outlook on life. Activating management and prioritization in certain aspects of their life could lead them to reach their full potential. Therefore, breaking the cycle of 'mismanagement'. If done right, no dream will be too far to reach.

Lacking Emotional Control

Unable to maintain control over unpredictable negative situations and unstable short term relationships

No Balance Over Finance

Not aware on how to budget finances and be cost effective due to impulsive spending behavior

Neglected Health

Lack of mental and spiritual self care as a priority 

Lack of Motivation

Difficult to concentrate on learning and being productive to complete tasks or goals


Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Why is it then that some people are really successful and some aren’t?  Most people find it difficult to maintain a work-life balance. This in-turn hampers our social relationships which can also affect our mental health.


Research Analysis

With our project brief in place, we moved on with the project and conducted multiple in-depth interviews and surveys. Then we affinitized our findings and built empathy maps, personas, user journeys. This helped us to clearly identify the pains and define our design criteria.


research overview

Targeted Users

College Students 18-35

Our research led us to focus on the lack of mental health prioritization in young adults within Schools and Colleges.

Online Surveys

64 Responses


6 Responses

2 Professionals, 2 Active Duty, 2 Students



Results for this project was performed using both affinitization with clustering of collected insights from primary research. This allowed us to develop empathy maps, helped in forming personas guiding us into our design criteria.

Design Criteria

By synthesising the data, we found that most people want to be aware of the repercussions of their decisions - they want to know how their decisions will affect others around them, be it their family, friends, organisation or society. One important discovery was that most of the insights were related to mental-health of an individual. This gave us a little sense of direction about where this project was heading: Mindfulness.


Business Startegy

Using our key insights from the research we developed a business plan for a product/service that would fulfill the core user needs. To define a strategy for our business, we used tools such as Value Proposition Map, Business Model Canvas, ZAG 17 Questions, SWOT Analysis and ABCQ approach.


Low-fidelity and paper prototypes of the app were created initially. Later, high fidelity prototypes were created. The experience of the app is designed to be conversational and friendly through gamification.


Brand Strategy and Development

LEAD, as a brand, is designed with the intent of being fun and engaging. Lead, as a brand, is designed to be fun and engaging, built to empower people. We wanted to make everyone meet the superhero that is inside of them. We also wanted to be as inclusive as possible. This brand identity translated into services offered by Lead. Lead app features skill-developing games called ‘Powers’ and a peer-to-peer blog, ‘League‘. The festival is called ‘Conclave’.


The logo focuses on the awareness of diversity in students that represent schools all around the US. The inclusion aims to target all types of students struggling with establishing a balance within their mental wellness. These are not limited and are extended to be easily accessible and engaging for the consideration of students with disabilities and different backgrounds.


The red cape calls for the attention of students feeling the need to be empowered and embrace their inner leaders to make the right decisions.


“Take the lead and empower yourself too!”


Service Strategy

The festival features talks by motivational speakers, activities that promote social awareness and other therapeutic activities,

The app also creates a seamless experience with the festival. We make use of technologies like NFC and QR codes to connect the activities at the festival to the ‘Powers‘ on the app. In the future we plan on launching an empathetic AI that can help people with making better decisions.

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